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The services provided by CHC RIDES are comprehensive, as we always go all in offering a wide range of professional after-sales services and vigorous customer support. Procuring a ride from CHC company is not just buying a machine which has high quality and good cost-performance, it is also getting a professional team which provides all kinds of guidance and suggestions in ride selection & amusement park business.

Our service includes:

•Design & Customization •Technical Assistance •Installation & Commissioning •Spare Parts •Repairing & Maintaining •Marketing & Promotions

• In the whole lifetime of CHC rides, according to the customer special needs and requests, on-site repairing and maintaining can also be implemented by our qualified service personnel as long as both parties achieve an agreement.

• We can check the status of the rides in appearance, lighting, inside structure and transmission system as well as other key components.

• We assist the customer in the replacement of items which have reached the end of life for normal wear or been damaged by any improper operation.

• We train the operators and maintenance department in a park to ensure all of CHC rides in good conditions of running durably.


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