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Hebei CHC Amusement Rides Co., Ltd.


Speaking of CHC production, it has to be mentioned their rides of Pirate Ship and Crazy Mouse that was created 15 years ago by the company, Luxury Swinger, Top Spin and Flying UFO (10 years ago), and the Roller coaster, Jumping Tower which were created and passed the national CSEI test in 2018. We are proud of these amusement rides with a wider introduction in China mainland. From north to south and east to west, customers not only have a good return on investment, but more importantly, they have also brought cheerful laughter and pleasant memories to thousands of families.

At present, CHC RIDES has confirmed its new layout and adjustment. In the next 5 years, the company will make full use of various platforms to integrate internal and external resources to realize the strategy of 'Made in CHC' going global, and gradually expand the influence of CHC brand in amusement industry worldwide. We do expect to let more and more foreign consumers experience the fun and safety of CHC products.


CHC Amusement Rides Co.,Ltd.

No.77, Fuxing Road, Baoding City,
Hebei Province, China 071000

Tel/WhatsApp: +86 139 3126 3054

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